CNA Program

New Jersey nurse aides are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health. A person qualifies by completing approved training, passing an examination, and clearing a criminal background check.

The Department of Health contracts with PSI to administer examinations and provide some additional services.

Prospective nurse aides must take a clinical skills test and a written (or oral) knowledge test. They must pass the skills test before taking the knowledge test. They are typically scheduled for the skills evaluation by their program instructors.

A skills evaluation will assess hand washing and four random skills, for example, caring for dentures, taking radial pulse, or performing range of motion on a person's shoulder. The candidate bulletin includes a description of nurse aide skills.

After passing the skills examination, candidates will contact PSI to schedule the written or oral examination. The oral examination is available in English and Spanish. Scheduling can be done via the internet. Candidates may also call (800) 733-9267. Written examinations are administered in six New Jersey cities. Candidates will be allowed to schedule as little as a day in advance if there is room. However, as spots do fill, examinees are advised to have several options in mind when they contact PSI.

Examinees are allowed two years from the time they complete their training and one year from the time they make their first attempt to fulfill the examination requirement. If they have not passed both evaluations during this timeframe, they will need to retrain. They may not make more than three attempts at either examination without retraining.


Certified Nurse Aide
Home Health Aide
Patient Care Technician
Phlebotomy Technician
EKG Technician

Our Program

Our program prepares individuals with entry level skills and competencies to function as a patient care technician to assist in providing care for patients with complex health problems, in acute, sub-acute, long term and ambulatory care settings. Working closely with patients, you are responsible for basic care services. Your compassion and skill in patient care will help minimize the stress of those who are sick or unable to care for themselves. You will be taught every aspect of the trade, so you’re ready to begin your new career after having completed the training. We prepare students are with skills to perform EKG and phlebotomy procedures, as well as CPR under the training and supervision of nurses and doctors. Classes here at New Era Healthcare afford you flexible class hours. We are the only Health Care training facility in Monmouth and Middlesex. Our space is beautiful and inviting. We make sure our students enjoy their surroundings. We ensure all classes are led in a friendly, informative, and effective way, by creating the perfect study environment.


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